Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Pelan tindakan

Berikut adalah pelan tindakan yang bakal dilaksanakan:
1) Ceramah - Pengenalan kepada alam sekitar & Pengurusan sisa pepejal

2) Gotong Royong

3) Pertandingan zon hijau

4) Aktiviti kitar semula

5) Ceramah kitar semula

6) Pertandingan melukis poster

7) Kempen Bumi Hijau

8) Bengkel kursus The Art of Recycling

9) Kempen Sifar Sampah

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Sunday, May 24, 2009


rethink reduce reuse recycle composting and closing the loop

SMART Rangers - An Introduction

SMART (Start Managing All Resources Today) Rangers is an environmental education programme which has been designed for school communities to learn about the environment, particularly focusing on natural and non-natural resource management. It initially began with a focus on solid waste management, and was later developed into a full fledged programme by itself.

Solid waste management was seen as a major environmental issue in Malaysia when the SMART Ranger Programme was developed. The Global Environment Centre (GEC) saw the potential of proper solid waste management education for school children, and proceeded to tailor a programme for this purpose.

This comprehensive programme was a way to create awareness on the importance of recycling and reusing their waste, and further empower them to take action on their own. The basis of this programme follows the concept of “Civic Science”. GEC takes pride in being the first to introduce this.

*Civic Science is the process of bringing thoughts and issues from one’s mind into the heart. This is done by a simple method of enhancing awareness, providing the knowledge, and most importantly, the skills required to take action proactively on environmental matters.

For more information on SMART Rangers, please visit http://www.smartranger.net/